Books, Books and More Books

Recently I have been visited by my dear friend whom I must not speak of his name for purposes beyond my comprehension. Now this young fellow is an author himself and he was stopping by to take a look and see if I had been doing any writing that he could help me with, sadly I had not. But determined, my friend insisted that I looked through all of my devices to find any sort of writing. Luckily i had done something with another friend of mine a few years back. A sort of… Role play? i don’t know know, but anyhow i had done it and that is that. Now this piece of writing was small, sort of like a children’s book but good enough for him.

So he contacted his editor and asked her to edit the piece of writing, she agreed and he sent it over and it may possibly be published sometime next year, now that is only a possibility, it may never happen but there is a chance so wish me luck. i may be in the writing business soon.


Sincerely, Ronin Davis



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