The Reality of Santa Clause

Santa Clause… the guy who brings children around the world presents and gifts and EATS ALL OF YOUR DAMN COOKIES! This is an post about making everybody realise the reality behind Santa Clause.

1. Santa clause is an oppressor meaning he does want you or in some cases let you feel emotions as said. “You better not shout, You better not cry, You better pout i’m telling you why.” if you feel emotions and shout, cry or pout, he will put coal in your stockings.

2. Santa Clause is a stalker. “He sees you when your sleeping, He knows when your awake.”

3. Santa Clause wheres red and white only because Coca-Cola bought santa clause and made him that colour for advertisement.

4. Santa Clause is cruel to the reindeers forcing them to pull his fat ass in a giant red sleigh full of presents witch could be an xbox, ps4, bicycle or a television. it could be anything it could be a frickin fridge.

5. Santa is how Satan spells his name on Christmas.

So that is the reality behind Santa Clause.



Ronin Davis

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