New Server

Ok so i have been setting up a server for a while now, and i would just like to state it and the rules/setup behind it.


  • Modded – The server is modded so if you want to join you must have the attached to this post.
  • Version – The version of this server is v1.6.4
  • Join – For now i must know you, i don’t want to open to the public for now, i might later, it’s unlikely but maybe.
  • This is just a fun server for my friends and i right now. I am just making this to send my friends to it(i think)
  • Hamachi – For now it is setup with Logmein Hamachi, i will be setting it up with port map later on. the hamachi network is: Name: Server-Grimid Password: 123
  • IP:
  • Whitelisted – for now because i just said the ip, so anyone can join if not.
  • Oplist – the oplist will be who ever the hell i like xD


  1. There are no rules!
  2. Except for what i say at the time xD



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