It was 10pm at the potato peeling factory, they were packing up for the night. Ryan Daniel was rolling around on the floor when he accidently rolled off the edge of a hill. He went rolling down… ARGHARARGGHR ARGHRAR. He rolled straight down into the potato peeling factory. Just as he was about to get up… The factory exploded in a great big potatoe explosion! BOOM! Ryan was covered in mashed potato and seemingly dead.

shake, squelch, splat, fwoosh, Ryan rolled out of the pile of mashed and destroyed potato. The potato had somehow gotten into his bloodstream clinging to his red and white blood cells mutating them into potato like cells which spread like wildfire through his cellular system mutating everything else like cancer.

*I’m sorry to any people with cancer out there, cancer is a serious problem and not at all… tumorous… budum tsssst!* *sorry, again*

And Potato-Man was born!


Bob Sandwich was a factory worker at the mashed yam factory. But with a masters degree in Physics & Chemistry on his belt, he was quite disappointed with himself, but more angry than anything, angry at everyone, at the system. as he was thinking about this he accidently missed something important going down the conveyor, a chunk of rock was stuck in a yam, and because he missed it, the rock went into the masher and messed some shit up, *clink* *clank* *Chink* *rumble* *rumble* *rumble* *chink*… BOOOOOOOOOM!




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